Last Saturday (27th), a fabulous group of singles and myself had a day out in Greenwich.

We were not lucky with the weather, but we knew what was coming, and everyone dressed in their warmest, comfiest clothing.

Nicola, our Blue Badge Guide, took us on a journey from the beginning and had the group engaged with her fun and compelling stories about the Cutty Sark, Old Naval College, The Queens House, The Royal Observatory and The Maritime Museum. She had everyone captivated with her expert knowledge and her incredible connection with the group.

All this before lunch!

Lunch was served at The Maritime Museum.

After lunch, when everyone was fed, watered, and chatting, we had some fun with the group mixed up and split into two teams. The rivalry was intense, and the winners scraped by with a half-point lead!

It was time for Greenwich Market. The ambience was Christmasy and cosy. Time for a hot mulled wine, and then it was time to go home.

Our next day out will be in Winchester on Tuesday 28th December. There will be a guided tour, and a visit to the Great Hall with lunch included.

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I had to write this blog because I am frustrated with people telling me they 'didn't feel the spark'......REALLY!

I have seen so many people enter into or dismiss a relationship based on their answer to this question.

I don’t know how this apparently all-important “spark” has reached legendary status in the dating world and seems to be a distinct requirement in the over 50s dating world and even more prevalent in the over 60s dating world!

Many people I talk to or send on dates seem to think if there’s not this immediate lightning bolt of attraction the moment they meet, then that means there’s nothing worth pursuing.

I believe that shared values, genuine respect, commonalities such as a similar sense of humour, various interests, life experiences and beliefs are great starters in anyone's book.

Sparks can come later, as you get to know each other better. Have you ever met someone and not been instantly attracted to them, but through conversation and getting to know them, you find that suddenly you fall for them - they make you laugh, they are interesting, and they are interested in you.

An initial spark does not mean that love will naturally follow. So to dismiss or reject someone immediately for this reason alone seems very shortsighted to me.

I am sure many of you reading this have had that 'initial spark' before and rushed in - did love naturally follow? What was the outcome of the relationship?

My Tip:

If you had a pleasant enough time on the first date, but you aren’t feeling that initial spark, going on a few more dates can end up surprising you in ways you could never have imagined.

As long as you know deep down in your heart that you did not write someone off for lack of a spark, even if it wasn’t a love connection in the long run.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Happy Wednesday, Everyone 😊

Where is the time going? It's nearly mid-November!

I am amazed at the bookings for our day out in Greenwich and even MORE AMAZED that I have more Male bookings than Female bookings at this stage.

This is an excellent complaint and one I am thrilled with. It means we are putting on events that guys feel comfortable attending. I have asked the questions via recent surveys, and the result is a positive one.

As I mentioned in my survey and posts, the events we run are for YOU, and if we don't know what you want, we cannot deliver.

We have a full range of events for 2022, including park walks/breakfast, lunches, mixology classes, treasure hunts, wine tastings and much, much more.

There will also be some short breaks in the UK & Golf/Spa breaks in Spain coming up.

If you are interested in the last few spaces for 27th November then please email or

Look forward to seeing you all there. Jacqui

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