I feel it is time for a survey!


Because we like to deliver events and support that our over 50s want and not what we THINK they want!

Please take your time to complete this short and very direct survey - then sit back and wait for some amazing events to start happening in your area:

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Search out your Fulfilment

A zoom session where we can take time out of the normal cycle to review where we are in life and how to align our future for moving forwards

Allowing time for us to explore new feelings and understandings of where we are holding ourselves back so we can move forwards and build the new life that we desire and deserve.

This group will be formed of men over 50 going through the same issues in life, looking for guidance from their peers or learning from others.

Facilitated by Simon, who is a trained coach. He will offer an atmosphere where anyone can share, learn and help others going through a similar situation.

If you don't feel like talking, then come along and listen - you will not be forced to contribute.

Full confidentiality will be adhered to within this group.

September 14th @ 7pm to 9pm

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These past few weeks have been unbelievably busy in my world of singles over 50. Many people I have talked to have taken a cautious approach to the 'freedom day' element of getting out of lockdown. Many have taken it in their stride and not hurrying into any big meetups or get-togethers. The general feeling is that many of us have gotten this far without contracting covid, and even if we are 'double jabbed', it is not worth the risk!

At the same time, many of you have begun to think about starting an approach to dating or meeting a new companion. It seems that covid has left so many singles over 50 very lonely, and the bigger issue seems to be the 'barriers' that we put up without realising that we have done this. Therefore this results in us blocking the person or things that we need to do to make us happy.

We recently ran a 3-night event on getting back into dating when you have either come out of a long-term relationship or suddenly find yourself alone due to bereavement. As a result of the high levels of demand from ladies and gents who could relate to the topics which were only lightly covered, we are planning some workshops from our male and female coaches in September which will be initially conducted via private zoom rooms and will concentrate on specific areas that have recently come to light as a result of our live event.

These workshops are bookable, and questions can be posted to the coaches before the event and remain anonymous and confidential.

There are two separate online events and the first is on 21st August for ladies only. To book please go to the link below:

The second online event on Tuesday 14th September is for gents only. To book please go to the link below:

We also feel from previous workshops that we have run over lockdown - when you are in a zoom room, you can choose to remain anonymous and keep your camera off. Still, most people switch their camera on after a short while into the session as they feel they are in the company of people who can relate to them and with that feeling comes an easing of pain - knowing that it's not just you!

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