The good weather is finally here, and WOW it feels good.

Due to the massive success of our first sailing event since the easing of lockdown, we are now running the next one on Saturday 12th June 2021 for 6 singles from Hamble Marina, along the Solent, and to the Isle of Wight.

Are you ready for an exciting and fun adventure after the lockdown? Feeling the waves rolling, the sun on your face, and the wind on your skin?

On this day-long trip along the Solent to the Isle Of Wight, it will be time for you to get some fun sailing in for the first time or polish up on some skills you may have had many moons ago! Our brilliant Skipper has many years of

experience in sailboats and is quite a character!

The day will comprise of:

9 am arrival and Breakfast rolls/ Pastries with Tea/coffee & introductions aboard the yacht

10:30 Cast off along the Solent onwards to the Isle of Wight with its many secluded coves, including Osborne House Bay where you can drop anchor for lunch with a view of Queen Victoria's bathing house!

Whether observing or participating, the experience on a sailboat is too intense and engaging for anyone to allow themselves to sit on the sidelines. The thrill of the waves, the shifting winds, and the hoisting of the sail will turn your sailing into an unforgettable journey.

16:00 Arrive back at the marina, settle down on the deck for a few drinks, snacks while you regale each other about the day's events! Cost £135

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Updated: Jul 7

It feels like summer may finally have arrived!

On July 17th, 2021, we will have a get-together and picnic in Bournemouth.

The event will be from 1 pm; and bring your own picnic, chair, or blanket and get ready to chat, laugh and enjoy some good times.

Our last picnic was in Winchester a few weeks ago, and approx 30 people arrived, and we had an afternoon of fun and games. Everyone left having met new friends as only 2 people arrived together, everyone else came on their own. GO ON, GIVE IT A TRY!

To be able to join this event, you must register on the link below:

To be able to join this event, you must register on the link below:

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Well here we are - by the 26th of June, we will hopefully be all over the lockdown and the bad weather. We will be so ready to meet for some good socialising, interesting chat, fun, and laughs. This get-together is purely for all of us who have been locked down and ready to embrace some new friends and craic. Let's get together in the park in the early afternoon, relax back and chat.

For more information on location and timings the please email

I am really looking forward to meeting so many of you, after a year of virtual or email contact - it will be such a pleasure and joy.

Get it in your diary.


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