The weather forecast is 27 degrees, and we are READY.

We have a nice early afternoon start planned at 1 pm - meeting at Coy Pond and then going across the road to the park. If you are not there at 1 pm, don't worry as we will be easy to spot.

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to go to Goodwood to meet my family over from NI and watch my brother racing. There was such a buzz from people enjoying themselves, the sense of freedom and appreciation.

As time progresses, you will see more events pop up in each location, Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey and Sussex. I haven't forgotten Northern Ireland, how could I 😊 The dinners with a difference will return and some seasonal quirky events.

Watch out for some outstanding events coming from Quob Park Estate & Vineyard in Hampshire, who I am currently working to develop some fun, exciting and tasty adventures. This is a truly spectacular location and venue, and I am thrilled to work with Rob Terry and his team.

I look forward to seeing you all at an event soon. Take good care until then.


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Updated: Jul 7

Weber Grill Academy - 4-hour cookery school

Here in the UK, we are now giving South Africans & Aussies a run for their money in the BBQ stakes!!

The barbecue has become the centrepiece for many households, and we are getting more adventurous with our meals and stepping outside of our comfort zones.

Since the pandemic's start compared to before, one in ten of us take to the grill daily during the summer months.

There is clearly an appetite for upskilling our grilling, which is great to see.

Select Events has teamed up with Abinger Cookery School in Surrey- a Weber Grill Academy to deliver this privately hosted singles evening aimed towards those of us who want to learn to cook barbecue food other than the standard fare of burgers and sausages.

Roll up your sleeves, get your Weber apron on and work with the chef to understand how versatile a barbecue can be. You will be surprised to find yourself learning about the advantages of the "lid-on" barbecue technique to grill, roast, smoke and bake!

During the 4 hours, you and your classmates will prepare a variety of different dishes under the guidance of Abingers' expert chef, Jake.

Using a combination of charcoal and gas barbecues, you'll be taught skills from lighting techniques to controlling temperature and knowing when your food is perfectly cooked. You'll receive a demonstration on how to cook the perfect steak, and we'll ask you to get hands-on with some dough and create your own stone-baked pizza!


Friday 3rd September 2021

Cost £125 per person to include an 8-course menu and drinks.

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Come along and join us on tonight's session, which is now taking place on zoom. If you can't make it, then it will be recorded and posted on here later.

Part 1: Our Stylist Emma will be giving tips and hints on how to be stylish and classical in your dress sense. Emma will first give examples and ideas via her screen of various gents and ladies in their 50s and 60s. She will also let you know where you can buy these put together outfits from and the cost - something that is normally only available to her 'paid clients'. Following into the event's theme, Emma will impart advice on how ladies and gents should aim to dress for a first date - what works and what does not!

Part 2: Naomi, Our very cool Photographer, will step in swiftly after Emma and chat about what happens when she is conducting photoshoots for one of our Select Connections member profiles. She will explain how she focuses on telling that person’s individual story in the most attractive light and why we need to start seeing our online photos as being part of a personal narrative that we need to take control of, whether for dating connections or professional connections, the photographs we post to form a real perception of who we are!

Naomi will explain how she can organise an outdoor photoshoot for you that is quick, easy and does not have to be weather dependent. She will be offering some very special deals on photoshoots for our attendees in the evening!


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