My original aim - to develop and deliver events that would make mature singles, who felt lonely and apprehensive about meeting other mature singles for companionship or relationship reasons to feel comfortable and not anxious in this pursuit.


Events - Pre-Covid 19 were aimed at getting groups of like minded  people together for drinks parties, dinner parties and social meet ups - the emphasis being on building a network of single mature friends with an initial view to companionship which avoids the stigma and pressure of going into a room or situation where everyone is there for the sole purpose of dating or getting into a relationship.


Events - During Covid-19 have taken the shape of online 'sip & chats' - which came about because I was feeling lonely during the lockdown.  During the full lockdown they were twice a week but now that lockdown has eased they are on a Friday night or sometimes due to commitments a Saturday night.


These online zoom get togethers are totally free to attend and attract new people every week.  I host the evening and I aim to throw in a fun quiz, but on some evenings the quiz may go by the wayside due to chatting - these evenings will continue to run under this format for the foreseeable future - it now feels I am getting ready to go out on a Friday night to meet some friends - and I know I will meet some new friends as well