Bournemouth & Super Noodles!!

Right, firstly I had a funny, engaging and 'up for a laugh' bunch of people arrive at Level8ight Sky Bar on Friday night, on what was a horrible night weather wise, but a very warm and glowing night at the top of the Hilton.

Things got underway and the craic was good - EVERYONE joined in. I found myself totally relaxed and enjoying the fun as much as my crowd were. There was one character in particular (you know who you are.......Mark :-) and he amused and delighted the ladies around him with his wit and jocularity.

This is where the 'super noodles' come in.......just as I was getting into the swing of things, my phone rang and to cut a long story short my 14 year old daughter was making a super noodles (left due to ease and less chance of accidents!!) and the dog jumped up and she dropped the boiling hot dish on her leg, massive dramas and i had to abandon the event and head for Southampton.

UPSHOT........all is well, treatment and dressings and all good.

MASSIVE thanks to the ultra caring people in my group from Bournemouth who insisted I GO. thanks you very kindly and very heartwarming to be in the company of such kind people.

I certainly knew that the group had bonded during my first icebreaker which was such a funny exercise and everyone took part with such willingness. The answers given by each member of the group were comical and not only that but the remarkable parts of the world that were used where people had travelled - most interesting.

A little birdie told me that there was 'love in the air' !! (say no more) and I could say 'my job is done'............ but I wont as people who attended met new friends and had a laugh and now they are all heading out next Friday night together .......... that makes me happy.

Thank you very much to my Bournemouth group.

Jacqui x

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