Christmas & New Year Alone

Right, the season is upon us and it's beginning to feel a lot like 'January' already. The days feel like they have a dank and dreary post Christmas feel to them, and I suppose that its to be expected - but its still not nice!

Christmas Day is only around the corner and people have been in touch with me saying how much they are dreading 'the whole Festive Season. The reason, more so for this is that many families have agreed not to bother this year in order to keep the virus from spreading and making up for it in mid-late 2021. This is all well and good for planning and getting excited about 2021 but at the same time not good for the mental health of people who have spent many months on their own and now faced with the further pain of going through the loneliest time of the year without their friends or family.

I would like you to get in touch with me if you find yourself in this situation and alone over the Christmas period.

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