Covid 19 .....WON'T GET US DOWN!!

Right, well I don't need to explain to any of you about the world that we are now finding ourselves living in and the situation is pretty sh#t all round.

As we are all now confined to our homes for the foreseeable future, i have decided to come up with a way that we can hopefully diminish some of the 'cabin fever' that we are now experiencing and only a few days into the 'lockdown' scenario!

On Friday night at 7.30 I am hosting online a free to join group for my over 45's and single. We will all have a drink, whether that be a glass of wine (bottle!) beer, g&t, prosecco, tea, coffee, bovril and log on for an hour or so for a chat. I am opening this to all my groups and anyone else who is currently following me on facebook/website/meetups across the South Coast and also in Belfast and the greater Northern Ireland.

If you are feeling like a bit of social interaction then I shall be hosting this Sip & Chat, where you can join and listen, join and chat, hop in and out of the group at your leisure and just be comfortable listening to other people and chatting about anything and everything that will take our minds away from this horrendous situation.

If you are interested in joining this group then please make sure that you have liked my facebook page as the link to join will be published on there tomorrow. Any questions then please get in touch and I am really excited about getting together with you all on Friday and it feels like I am going out for the evening........Don't forget to get your choice of tipple in -

I shall have my bottle of Chardonnay chilled and ready......See you then. Jacqui

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