Cracked the Case & Oh Deer!!

Right, well I will explain my heading as I go......

Cracked the case - Earlier this week I released all the clues and online videos etc to the 3 teams of 'supersleuths' for this fun and interactive online murder mystery two evening event. Everyone gathered together on Thursday evening (zoom) and met their respective team members - the bar was set and rivalry ensued!. Each team moved to their separate breakout rooms and reviewed all the evidence they had been presented with, named their teams and the detective work began in earnest....may the best team win!

Friday evening - The teams gathered into their respective rooms and got their heads together....... the suspects arrived into the rooms, one by one and were 'interrogated'... to say the least, in fact I think some have left the country or retired!! (Denise)

As the evening moved on I had the luxury of morphing in and out of all the rooms and listening to the interrogation methods of each team, and this was a really great way for me to see how everyone was embracing the whole experience.....AMAZING!

THE MURDERER.........Stewey's Angels revealed the murderer and the motive and were triumphant. Everyone retired to the after party zoom and the craic was good.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to the 'dirty macs' who wore their Mac's (clean) and embraced the Columbo ethos. Also a big thank you to the 'Famous Five' who literally were on the heels of Stewey's Angels.....what an fabulous bunch of people who I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with and continue to enjoy my evenings with well as an ever growing bunch of like minded is my pleasure to know you all x

Oh Deere - let me explain...... a few weeks ago I was looking for venues around the Chichester, Southampton, Winchester, Bournemouth (South Coast) Areas where I could provide quality experiences to suit my members and WOW I came across the Quob Park Estate and what a find!! Would you believe that this amazing Estate and venue is right in the heart of where we live?

I went along expecting to find a vineyard/winery and someone to show me around....but what I got was so much more! and something I never dreamt off on my doorstep!

As the gates opened and I drove along the long driveway - stretched before me was acres of beautiful rolling landscape and vineyards. I was greeted by a lovely lady who introduced me to Rob Terry. Moving swiftly along....Rob gave me a guided tour of the premises (the smell of logs burning and grand piano music playing) WOW......!! He then brought me down to a very fine tasting room and we chatted for a while about what champagnes and wines I had a preference for. Rob then presented me with a selection of 3 and I sipped (blind tasting with palate cleansers and canapes). To cut a long story short....truly.. I love Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose and there is no way I am going to taste anything today that is going to live up to that....I mean France V England in the better wine stakes.....DOH

I was a bit anxious in my blind tasting and in my result giving... that it may offend Rob, but he insisted I give my true thoughts and he would be very happy with that. I tasted the wines in sequence and gave my feedback. I honestly thought that I had possibly tasted my favourite first and possibly Robs Wine second or third.

Rob asked for my feedback and then he proceeded to talk about some other aspects of the vineyard, grapes, harvests, etc, and then he came back to my selection....all the time, I am thinking "I have offended the owner of this vineyard" .

Well.... I can honestly say to you that I was "surprised and delighted" as my first choice was Robs Quob Park 1120 Heritage Prestige Rose Cuvee and my second and third choices were two famous and very expensive French Brands. As I am a Chardonnay drinker and very hard to please on this drink as I have a Country and style that I stick to!...Rob produced a bottle and explained that this was a new white wine that they had just produced that will go out to market very soon and a refreshing mix of Chardonnay/Pinot Noir/Pinot Meunier. I had a taste and I was even more surprised than I was with the Prestige Rose was lovely, so lovely he gave me the bottle :-) and the name of this new addition to the Estate will be 'Oh Deer'.....I knew I would get to the point!!

So, here I am sat at my desk drinking my 'Oh Deer' Classic English White Wine and typing this blog.....Life's good - and I had such a lovely afternoon. Keep an eye out on my website - some fabulous deals exclusive to my members are coming next week along with winery/vineyard visits and tastings - it would be unfair to keep this to myself!!

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