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Fabulous Fun Day for us Singles over 50 😎

Well, what a fabulous afternoon/evening we all had in Winchester yesterday. We had approximately 30 people attend and 25 at any one given time.

Everyone relaxed, joined in at their ease and worked in their teams for an hours fun activities which included a quiz, egg & spoon race (volunteers) and a music round that involved naming the song with extra points for the team to sing it!! The grand finale was 'yes sir I can boogie' with all teams singing along😂 The winning team were jubilant and did not rub it in at all (they sure did)!!

Activities complete, it was time to relax in the sun, mingle, chat and have a little picnic. Everyone moved around happily chatting and the last picnickers left at 8 pm.

Thank you to everyone for their very kind comments last night and today. As you are all aware, this was a free event and a lot of time went into planning and delivering it - it makes it worthwhile when people appreciate this by their positive feedback.

Also a massive thank you to Jane Mason who was an amazing sidekick. She helped me keep you all in line and she was a much-needed adjudicator for all the points that teams were trying to gain in a very underhand manner 😉🤣

The next picnic will be in Bournemouth on 17th July and another one in planning for the Surrey area in August.

Please don't forget our free Facebook live event on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week from 7 pm to 7.30 pm. You just go onto the link below tomorrow and click the link for the live event and join.

This is going to a very useful 3 days of information, advice and guidance from Select Connections coaches and partners. There is something for all males and females who are over 50 and single.

Have a great week and see you soon.

All the very best.


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