Friday Night Halloween Fun & Team Quiz - Fancy Dress Mandatory (even just a witches hat!)

Right, well this week I had the "flu" - remember that old chestnut? Wiped me totally off my feet but now I'm on my way back to my full fighting fitness - you cant keep an old bird down for long :-)

I was due to send out this message last weekend but the lurgy stopped me in my tracks - so I apologise if its last minute and chucked together, but you often find that these are the best evenings rather than the planned and scheduled ones (am I selling it?)

I have been in touch with Rachel and she has agreed draw up a quiz and a change to the old format will be that teams will be allocated to drum up some rivalry (just like the murder mystery)! I have also asked her to throw in some curve balls to make things a little different - so be prepared!

I will be there but not in my usual full capacity as host, but making sure the teams are allocated and mainly that everyone has turned up in some form off Halloween attire - as you will see from the heading - it is compulsory!

The link is below and please register first to get the log in details:

Register in advance for this meeting:

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