Fun & Quirky Evening @ The King & Queen Hamble

Right, well our 'dinner with a difference' night at The K&Q Hamble was a roaring success with 12 ladies and 12 gents in attendance. The evening began with a steady arrival from 6.45pm which gave me the opportunity to get everyone settled in and introductions made. Some of our guests were apprehensive and some a little anxious, which is to be expected, but within a very short period of time the room was buzzing with chatter and everyone looked relaxed.

As the evening progressed we completed a little shuffle around and this was fun and created a sense of fun in the room.

Tables were set for 8 people at each, the conversation was not limited and at no stage did anyone feel awkward or left out.

As we approached the end of the evening people where getting up and moving to other tables for a chat to people they had met earlier in the evening and there was a sense of fun and relaxation which is exactly what I set out to achieve from these dinners.

The Kind & Queen was an amazing setting for this evening as they went out of their way to create an amazing ambience and to produce food that was delicious and quirky to suit the evening.

And, without saying to much.......I think there were a couple of dates that have materialised since the dinner and definately new friendships forged, including myself, Janet and Sarah who are now new holiday buddies, first mature ladies trip to Prague - watch out Prague :-)

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