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Halloween & November Lockdown!

Right, last night we had our very last minute Halloween Friday night Sip, Chat & Fun Quiz and we had a cracking good time - well I did as I took the night off and let Rachel take the reigns for the evening! What a fabulous job she did - and so good, I actually think I need to look for a new gig :-) Thank you Rachel for stepping in at last minute and doing such a fabulous job. I truly enjoyed sitting back and sipping my wine and not having to worry about being responsible and giving out answers.

Everyone embraced the Halloween theme and turned up in scary attire. We did an amazing screenshot but as all the full names are on the screen I am unable to post it due to GDPR.

Well fun was had and now here we are again faced with another lockdown and something that we had an idea might happen but always hoped that it wouldn't - and the difference being that we are now heading into long, stormy winter evenings and not the spring days as before.

We need to all take care of our mental health and make sure we have social interaction and if we don't have this then things start to happen, bit by bit and day by day we find ourselves becoming more anxious and thoughts start to rattle around in our heads which grow and fester if we are not interacting and talking things out with friends, new friends, new acquaintances in the same position or just someone or anyone to talk to......then who knows!!

Every Friday night during the lockdown I will be holding the Sip, chat & fun quiz and also a support group on a Sunday evening at 6pm. This is for anyone who would like to hop on and chat with others feeling the same. These groups are here to make sure no one is lonely during the pandemic and all you have to do is download zoom and copy the link - before you know it, you are interacting with people in the same position as you and what a lovely bunch of people.

On a bright and light note.....thank you to my daughter, Lucy who gave me an awesome makeover for Halloween (picture below). Now I am wondering in lockdown - should I grow my hair??? possibly NOT

Take good care everyone and please get in touch if you need a chat or if you have an amazing idea for an online event - see you all on the other side OR on zoom (for the time being). Jacqui x

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