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How to get back into dating after a very long break?

Now, as I have mentioned, after two years on the shelf gathering dust and doing a fabulous impression of a 'hermit' I am venturing out into the very scary 'new world' of dating! Now, I am not afraid to say, when I was last single people used to chat to each other in bars, clubs, disco's (I know! well I am 55) or they just used to chat. Now it is not 'the thing' to approach someone in public or to be approached in all in all the social situation has changed a lot!

But before I even get into how I am going to approach all that, firstly I have to figure out what I want, as the bit I find most daunting now is 'ME' because after being in a relationship for so many years and then spending two years on my own I have become 'set in my ways' and it is so different from when I met my husband in my early 20s and everything was so natural and now I am so much older and the thought of trying to blend someone into my existing routine, habits and lifestyle is the scariest bit...........this week I am going to address the issues and how I aim to overcome these to get rid of the 'scary thoughts' about my 'set in my ways' issues so that I am in a good place to move forward and hopefully those of you who can resonate with my thoughts above will take something from this.

Have a fabulous weekend, quiet one for me this weekend after a full on few days in Lancaster last weekend. Can't do two in succession as it took me until Thursday to feel normal again :-) Jacqui x

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