Lets forget about Covid-19 New Years Eve Sip'N'Chat

Right, well its been a challenging 2020 and within the last few weeks it has become even more challenging. Many people have contacted me via my meetup groups, website, facebook, instagram and I have heard many stories of loneliness and disappointment at guidelines changing and plans being shattered at the last minute - resulting in many having to spend Christmas alone.

Lately, I have had many new people join my Friday night zoom chats and these people have told me that they have initially said, 'not me, never'! then as the weeks went by it was 'maybe' but when it came to the evening they just didn't login, feeling anxious. Eventually, due to continued lockdown and no sign of a normal face to face life returning until well into 2021 they have joined over this last few weeks and I am getting messages saying that they wished they had joined months earlier. This makes me happy and I feel it is all worthwhile, but at the same time it makes me quite sad at the thought of people sitting at home being lonely when there is a facility for them to log into and meet other people who are in exactly the same position.

It is not a 'Rocket Scientist' club (or I wouldn't be running it) :-) it is a facility to chat or to listen about anything and have a laugh without feeling you need to take part if you don't want to.

Thursday night, come along and lets have a light hearted couple of hours (8pm to 10pm)

to see out 2020 and wish for all things great in 2021 that will make us appreciate our freedom and lives much more than we did in the run up to 2020

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