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Looking for Love in Lock Down?

Right, here comes the BIG QUESTION? (or 2)

How many of you have met someone since March?

How many of you have been in any form of social situation that would entice a meeting since March?

How many of you are keen to meet someone despite lockdown?

How many of you are would be nice to have that closeness with another in these times of such uncertainty? - But no way for us to interact with prospective mature singles in any other way as the possibility for only 6 of us to meet?

These are all questions I will be posting in a survey that I am sending out next week. I recently sent out a 4 question survey about finding that companion/partner/love and to be frank.....the responses shocked me as my initial interaction and perception's of most (but not all) mature singles I had interacted or continually interact with was and is that they visit my site or join my groups for something to do but they do not portray any signs of wanting to meet someone but companionship seemed to be the main reason.


EVERYONE who took part in the survey wants to find that something!

It may not necessarily be love but it may be something mutual and better than what we perceived or perceive as love and in your 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.... then who knows what form this now comes in - and the great thing about this is that it happens - in whatever format that is then that will naturally take its course.

I know that in this world that we now live in that we are so restricted and I can resonate with all this.

I am aiming to run some online events that are different from the normal zoom events which will be fun and interactive but will come at a cost to me which I must cover.

Please look out for these for now as I hope to have a healthy mix off male and females on here and the great thing about my first murder mystery is that I get to mix everyone into 4 x rooms off 6 people...HOW FUN IS THAT.....WORKING TOGETHER TO SOLVE THE CRIME!!.

Lets keep the momentum going until we can meet again, safely in person and have some fun.

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