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My last taster event....and what a lovely evening

Right, well where do I start!! ......The evening at The fabulous Harbour Hotel was an absolute delight. The group were very relaxed and really keen to mix and I found myself just having to move a few people around to make sure everyone got to have a chat. The hotel was buzzing and such a cool lounge area.

I had a chat with everyone and I have had loads of ideas for events from last nights group and today I have had many messages thanking me for organising the 'get together' and how excited they are to get some more scheduled.

A great result and a busy November for me. Now its time to get the events scheduled in.

I have also been asked to blog on my personal experiences and theories of dating or being single in my 50s ...... so watch out for this as it will be amusing and so many people will quietly resonate whilst I wax lyrical .......until then take care, Jacqui

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