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Need to be careful with my language!!

Last week I wrote a post but used to many 'unsuitable' words so facebook and instagram will not publish if i say words that relate to be on your own or want to meet someone. If you haven't seen all my posts yet then please go onto my website and read my blogs as I think now about 4 of them have not passed scrutiny due to my 'being on my own' OR 'getting ready to go out and meet people' LINGO which is quite ironic considering !!

I am going to post over the weekend but I need to re-write it as it is all about my very recent trial 'meeting people' experiences and how that went for me (not very well) and resonates with everything I have said so far about the 'internet' way to meet other people.

Have a lovely Friday everyone and look out for my weekend blogs as hopefully they will make it through :-)

Using politically correct lingo for facebook/insta!!

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