Good morning all,

Hope you all slept well and ready for a lovely Saturday. Today I have decided to take the day off doing things and I am off to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Romsey this morning. They have invited me along to take a look at their site with a view to offering discounts and offers to my members.

I contacted them with a view to purchasing blocks of tickets for Proms in the Park 2021. I am also looking at the same event in Northern Ireland, so watch out on the Website for details coming very soon.

In the afternoon the lovely Jane is coming over from Emsworth - we are going to have a cuppa and a chat. In the evening I am going to drive over to Selsey which is such a beautiful little place right on the seaside and visit Sarah, have a walk on the beach and some dinner and wine for me. Sarah's cottage in Selsey is haven, her garden is totally tropical and should be in an ideal home magazine. Going there is like going away on a Kuoni Holiday - top class, relaxing and rejuvenating. Lucky ME :-)

The amazing thing for me is that my day today is with people I have met through the Sip N' Chat (both Jane & Sarah) since March and who have become amazingly supportive friends.

I was having a stressful day with all things work on Wednesday and everything seemed to go wrong (domino effect!) and I was feeling fed up and stressed out - WHEN the door bell rang, the dogs barked and I opened the door and WOW to my surprise and delight I was handed an awesome bunch of flowers and a card which read:

To Jacqui. Our one of a kind. You do so much for us and everyone else, so we thought it was time to do a little something for you. A lady should always get flowers, and you are our special lady! With much love for helping us all on our roads to happiness - your Meetup friends. xxxxxxx

How amazing, and in an instant I felt I could deal with anything, happy, smiling, weight lifted, de-stressed and mostly that it was all worth while. I have thanked them all for this heart warming and very considerate thought which an amazing effect.

Thank you Piran (the instigator) Carolyn, Michael, Jane, George, Isla, Glenda & Stewey - you really are an amazing bunch. To think that before March 2020 not one of us knew each other and now we message every day!

To sum up what I feel here - Out of something bad , something good will happen but if you don't embrace what we have now (zoom etc) then you won't meet anyone, friends or otherwise.

Thank you to all the new people who joined in the Sip N' Chat & Fun Quiz last night - what a lovely, funny evening, brilliant as always to see new people embracing the zoom and getting on with it - or at least giving it a try.

See you all for the Murder Mystery on Thursday/Friday.

Take care everyone.

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