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Over 45 and Single?

Weekly advice and Guidance for Single 45 to 65 year olds

This week - taking those first steps to a new life after the end of a long term relationship

or bereavement.

The older we get the harder meeting ‘that someone’ typically seems. For those of you who

are newly single, it might be hard getting back into the swing—the whole dating scene has

changed so much since we used to go to discos, dances, bars and gigs.

Meeting someone (Male/Female) is a whole new ball game as you don’t have the same

milestones to achieve (getting married, having children) so why not embrace it for what it is,

relax and enjoy the journey with a whole new approach:

As we get older, we realise time is limited, so we focus on the details that matter and they

become important as we value our independence and have quite possibly become set in our

ways! Humans like to have rituals, and those become a lot harder to change as we get


The secret is – just to be ourselves as what do we have to prove – ‘nothing’, my outlook is

‘what you see is what you get’. Even better, be totally up front about your history, even if it

one you are not happy with (2 failed marriages!) as don’t forget that we all have history and

you will get a better reception with openness and honesty.

As we all age, things… happen. It doesn’t mean that humans stop being attractive as the

years go by, but bodies naturally change with time. You can’t expect to look 20 when you’re

50. A male/female in their 50s and beyond is well aware of this and we must embrace our

age and who we are at this stage in our lives. The things we are attracted to are the kind

Even if nothing romantic springs from a date/meeting up you may still turn it into a fun

contact for social events and a good friend who you can have a great time with.

We are not at a stage in our lives and at an age where we have lived a pretty rewarding life

so far, but we are still eager to see what’s ahead:

Topics we will cover in the next 4 weeks:

How Men can move on after divorce & divorce tips for men and dads, (next week)

Male depression after divorce

Silver Separation – the surge in older divorce

More older women are choosing divorce

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