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Picnic in the Park (social distance rules apply)

I had a little idea last week that it would be nice to get a couple of the group in the park for a socially distanced picnic - my reason for this being that it is now way past the time where we need to bring back some form of normality, and not going to the pub or restaurant just yet as for me this is not about meeting new people, so of no benefit to me as I can see my friends in their gardens etc.

I threw out this concept and WOW are we all just hungry for social interaction beyond our 'bubbles' and that feeling of getting excited at going out again was quite overwhelming. So many of you have contacted me and are coming on Saturday with your picnics, blankets/seats, teas/coffees/wine/beer/G&T's and whatever wets your whistles!

Of course social distancing will be adhered to as we all grown ups and know very well the risks associated with not sticking to the minimum 1 metre rule! but from a mental health perspective - this is a very good thing for us to do.......and the perfect opportunity for us to get out in the fresh air, shake down the last few horrible months, meet other people who are as excited as we are to sit back, relax, laugh and have a good old chat - simple things that we used to take for granted.....not any more!!

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