Please tell me why???

A question to all single men over 50.......Why are you so reticent to go to singles events?

Lately, I have organised 40 tickets for Park Proms for a privately hosted over 50s single event, and the ladies 20 tickets sold out instantly, and I have a waiting list for cancellations!

There has been a good uptake on men's tickets but 10 still left to sell.

This week I have set up sailing days for 3 ladies and 3 gents and I have been swamped with ladies who want to do this but NOT ONE MALE has come on to say they are interested.

I have talked to a lot of men and they say that they have not attended singles events because they are always heavily outnumbered by ladies and from their point of view this is not a bonus as they would prefer an even balance and have male comradery.

I have done this but still, you do not come.....PLEASE TELL ME WHY?

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