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Right, well since I mentioned this idea a few weeks ago I have been bombarded with requests to follow up on it.....and I have!!

I have been in touch with 2 very 'high end' glamping sites and waiting to work out what we can come up with package wise and post covid wise. One of the sites - a remote forestry within the New Forest and the other is within Castle grounds on the Glens of Antrim (where Game of Thrones and most recently parts of the new Disney Artemis Fowl has been filmed. Both these locations have been chosen for their standard of accommodation and location .... AMAZING!!

The following is an idea of what we are aiming to pull together:

I have a fully drafted agenda/flow for what the weekend would include and look like - the emphasis being on, you do what you like (plenty of choice) or just walk, sit, sleep, join in when you want. This will be a group of like minded people getting together to chat and laugh just like we used to when WE were big dating agenda, just people who get on and that is how we rolled!!

Lets try this again and see how it works - and if it doesn't work for love then WOW we will have the most amazing laugh and meet some new friends which brings happiness and quality to our lives that is so heartwarming, but I know there is someone out there for us all and we just need to get out there and look for them as sitting at home won't make this happen and I know that more than anyone.

Over this coming weekend I will be posting a video with the details of what I propose for the glamping weekends (to many people interested to just run one weekend) I am excited as I will get to go on them all and meet you all in person...... thank you all for making me organise this...... Jacqui x

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