Friday night zoom sip, chat & fun quiz (with hosts)

I have had so many of you contact me and tell me how much you miss the Friday night get-togethers. Just because lockdown is easing it does not mean that you will all be out and about EVERY weekend!

In response to this, I have and will aim to schedule a once-a-month Zoom and measure how this is received.

The first evening will be on a Friday 21st May and I am so happy to say that the first couple of my new hosting bench will be Jane and Jonathan - otherwise known as Janeathon !!

The evening will run under pretty much the same format but the content will be more exciting from this dynamic duo. Expect the odd curveball in respect of points given or deducted plus much more fun and laughter.

Looking forward to seeing some old faces and if you have not tried this before please come along. It's just a good old laugh with no expectations to join the banter - if you prefer to watch from the sidelines.

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