Spring 2021 - Here We Come

Right, well I know I am probably getting WAY to excited here....but I actually don't care!!

I am going to take that little gold nugget of hope and cling on to it for 'dear life'. This is the only piece of good news or anything near some light at the end of this very long tunnel that we have all been stuck in for 8 months. Since hearing that there may be an end to this restriction of our freedom and a return to some form of a 'new normal' my mood has felt lighter and I can begin to think about next Spring with hope and excitement.

I had been planning for face to face events with a view to next Spring but even as I was doing that I didn't really think it would happen - I thought it would get to February and I would have to postpone my bookings but now I can happily schedule with enthusiasm.

Until then we have to get through this particular lockdown, which is very strange compared to the last one....I am sure you will agree! Get through whatever Christmas brings and rush towards 2021 to a New Year filled with new hopes and desperation to get back to the life we took so for granted but now I will embrace and enjoy every last minute.

Fingers crossed for this vaccine and the other 3 that are in development and I will see you all for the biggest, most fun over 45's plus singles party EVER.

While we are still in lockdown I am running the Friday/Saturday night Zooms, book club/male support group/murder mystery events - all on my website or contact me:


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