The Easing ! but NOT Easing of Lockdown!!!

Right, well I have recently turned 56 and I am now hedging towards the plus side of the covid-19 vulnerability statistics!! and you think ........ well I feel as fit as a butchers dog but they are telling me ...... "you are within the "risk" age group"....and I think, I am single and I want to go out socially and respectfully to meet people of my age .....but it is difficult because they have planted that notion in our brain now that we cannot do this easily!! but also they have given us no real guidelines to do this and because we are classed over 50 then we feel we should be ultra careful and this send us alarm bells!!

God. life being single is hard enough, but now in this "you can but you cant do"society is really s##t and I think it is the hardest on us as we are not in the younger society or the older society but right in the middle!!

WE are in this together and at the end of this we are going to have an almighty get together, where we will laugh, hug, laugh, chat, laugh and relate to many experiences in our 50 plus years that will and make us what we are........BLOODY AMAZING and funny and interesting and US.....see you all soon ...... Jacqui x

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