The Easing of Lockdown

Right, well its has been a while since I have written a blog and I am not going to go on as I am going to put out a very short video before the weekend. Well the lockdown is easing, the pubs are open, and we can dine out.......but surprisingly I haven't ventured back to either pub nor restaurant..........and even more surprisingly I have no inclinations to do so!

I have thought about this and I really am not sure why this is - maybe I have got used to not having these luxuries or maybe I think the old ambience and reasons why I went to the pub or got dressed up and went out to dinner - bumped into people I knew is no longer there - as it feels that the whole process is now very clinical.

But maybe, I have formed a new routine which does not include catering for my social needs and I have now got used to not putting my face on(my picture below is how I roll these days!!) and getting out there. I have in some way isolated myself (like many others) without even realising I had, and after weeks of sheltering at home, adapting to a new ‘normal,’ - the act of stepping outside my front door is no longer an unconscious one!

Just as it took me time to find ways of coping during lockdown, we should also expect that it will take time to find our way back, and to reconnect with life.  We may have become comfortable in our own space and with our own company in lockdown – it’s been intense in all sorts of ways and we might really have to push ourselves to reconnect with people and overcome initial awkwardness. Whether it’s knowing how to insist on social distancing with friends or relatives, knowing where you have to wear a mask, or feeling odd not stopping to chat in the street many of us are keen to get it right, and worried about slipping up. It’s all new – and doing your best to follow the rules is good enough for most situations. 

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