We are nearly there!!

Right, well we have been in this lock down for what seems like a very long time! and possibly feels longer for those of us who are totally on our own. We may get some form of a way to get together very soon, even at a social distance! At this moment I am looking at ways we can schedule in a local get together for each area and then an 'ever growing' full group get together towards the latter part of 2020 - I have this crazy idea that we should choose a glamping site, book it out, take all our own food and drinks and socially meet up at the barbecue pit every night (even in autumn as better fun!) cook, drink and sit under blankets, 'chew the cud' as we have been doing for a few months now on zoom and then in the days go for walks (I know, I am crazy but I am looking at it!).........thoughts please?

The Sip'N'Chats have been so enjoyable and they get better every week and we get new people joining every 'Sip' and they either immediately join in as there is always an opportunity to do so or they sit back, watch, listen and then join in the next week, or some people are happy to listen and laugh. On Friday (29th May) we had 5 new people join in an

d lets just say they definitely brought some craic to the table as some of us were on from 7pm to 10pm and I know that I left a few on there still chatting and during the evening 'sippers' popped on and off during the evening as usual which is what makes us what we are

As lockdown is being lifted, I have decided that I will drop the Wednesday evening 'Sip' and keep it to Friday where we will have the usual chat and maybe throw in a fun know the one where I call out the questions and forget to ask if anyone got it right.....but we learn something new every week... I THINK...HOPE :-) ....I know, I do.

This lockdown has presented so much stress and anxiety for so many people but its up to 'YOU' to change things and make things better for yourself as we all have done and just join in as we are basically good people who are single in our mature years and are on here initially to make some new friends and nothing else matters... as when you can relate to other people who feel the same as you 'in the same boat' then that is half the battle. Most people who join on the 'sips' are just like me and are just happy to chat and have the craic with no dating illusions ...but its good to chat with like minded people and we do have such a laugh and get quite riskey at times .......we may be mature but we are not BORING !!

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